Yukon Blonde
Garage party anthem from Vancouver...

With three full length LPs to their name, Vancouver psych rock outfit Yukon Blonde return with 'Love The Way You Are'.

The garage party anthem moves on a gritty electric rhythm strut, with the chorus blooming in a gang-vocal sing-a- long: “If you want something baby, go out and get it.”

“This song is about a friend of mine who was going through a tough time as a creative person”, Jeffrey Innes of the band says. “She felt that she was being objectified and mistreated because she was a woman and different. Whenever she would do something brilliant, dudes would swoop in and either 'help her' finish the project, steal it completely or try and capitalize off her.”

“So I secretly wrote this song, and ironically, it's our first single off the record. Maybe we'll make a ton of money off it. Anyways, I think it's important to let your friends know they're worth it”.

Following a recent European tour with The Rural Alberta Advantage, they’re headed for the festival scene in their home country this summer, beginning with Toronoto’s CBC Music Festival on May 26.

Tune in below.

Words: Lauren McDermott

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