There's always been a 70s Finnish prog rock element to their music...
Wolf People

Not many bands can get comedian Stewart Lee to write a press - even fewer manage to get the stand up to script a non press release.

Yet that's exactly what Wolf People have achieved. Crate diggers turned beard growers turned masters of psychedelic whimsy, the band's new album 'Fain' is a remarkable document.

Completely out of sync with modern musical trends, it's a blast from 1974 - a time when kaftans were worn, incense was burned and jovial hymns to garden gnomes were an everyday pass time. Inspired, Stewart Lee (a long time fan, it seems) stepped in to write a non press release.

Here's a portion...

"Having burrowed out of Bedford in the mid-noughties, Wolf People are a formidable hybrid. Yes, they’re crate-digging record collector completists with time on their hands and the sort of international file-trader connections that mean they can legitimately say “There has always been a 1970s Finnish progressive rock influence on our music.” But, crucially, they’re also dedicated musicians demonstrating, with their zen-mastery of Tom Verlaine type twin guitar starbursts and Pythagorean progressive rock timekeeping, the lost art of what long dead rock scribes used to call ‘chops’."

Quite right. Taken from 'Fain', new track 'All Returns' is all sharp turns, retro thrills and astounding guitar solos. Given the visual treatment, director Phil Poole sayeth:

"Our main objective for the video was to display the band in it's purest form, capturing abstract pieces of performance played out in their stark rehearsal space. Seeing the music played out in this bare, natural state allowed the song to dominate and remain the focus throughout."

Watch it now.

- - -

'Fain' is set to be released on April 29th.


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