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Washed Out

Slow down.

How often do you get a chance to simply sit and watch the world unfold? Not just for five, ten minutes on your lunch break - simply spending two hours of your life observing, watching the world shift in tone, hue and colour?

Ernest Greene recently returned with a new album under his Washed Out moniker, and opted to take inspiration from the natural world. 'Paracosm' was a rich, organic return, sparking a year dominated by touring.

Agreeing to shoot a new video, Greene took time off to work with film crew Yours Truly. Sitting down by the Californian coast, the producer was finally afforded the space to sit down and let the American wilds wash over him.

"It was interesting to see the changes in color that happen over the course of two or three hours" he mused. "I can’t remember the last time I slowed down enough to soak all of that in."

Watch it now. (via NowNess)

Sunrise, Sunset: Washed Out on

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'Paracosm' is out now. Check out a recent Clash interview HERE.

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