For new single 'I Was Born'
High Places

For your viewing pleasure, ClashMusic has the UK exclusive of the video for the new single from High Places, 'I Was Born'.

The clip also has the distinction of being High Places first official video being filmed, edited and directed by the duo, Mary Pearson and Rob Barber, themselves.

'I Was Born' reflects the duo's relocation from their Brooklyn, New York base to Los Angeles at the start of 2009 and sees a new clarity make itself known in their enchanting, challenging music.

Remarkably, it also sees the first appear on record of Mary Pearson's degree level bassoon playing, adding a mellow beauty to the song's first few bars before Pearson's plaintive vocal does it's intoxicating thing.

Read an interview with High Places on ClashMusic HERE, the duo's 'From Stardust to Sentience' also made number 36 in our Top 50 of 2008, read the accompanying piece HERE.

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