LA duo recorded live in London...
Deap Vally by Bryan Sheffield

Clash’s been tracking the progress of LA duo Deap Vally for some time – and the pair of Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards played an issue launch gig for us earlier this year.

The band recently released its debut LP, ‘Sistrionix’, which earned itself a solid seven-from-10 score in Clash’s issue 86. The very same review can be read here.

Now, the band has sent (okay, the band’s PR has sent) Clash an exclusive video performance, of the track ‘Walk Of Shame’ recorded at west London’s Eastcoate Studios.

So drink it in, some – the video’s just up there.

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The duo also spoke to Clash for its latest issue (available here). Here is a snippet...

Feminine empowerment is an ongoing theme in your lyrics. Is that quite important to get across?

Julie: It's become more important. I don't think, starting out, we were specifically, 'Let's go for female empowerment'.

Lindsey: Deap Vally is about empowering ourselves... And it just so happens we're females. It's really important for us to break stereotypes.

Did you experience any adversity, starting out?

Lindsey: We've had a lot of support and encouragement from the start, but there were definitely some people who were...

Julie: ...Patronising.

Lindsey: There were people along the way that tried to write us off for looking like tramps, or whatever. But where are they now? There have been journalists who've not taken our music seriously because they think we just dress like sluts.

Julie: They can't get past it. They're just revealing their misogyny.

Lindsey: People can say whatever they want about us, but we're not going anywhere... 

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Interview: Joe Zadeh

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