'Deflect The Light' is online now...
'Deflect The Light' screenshot

Vessels and The Flaming Lips partner on new video 'Deflect The Light'.

Vessels' new album 'The Great Distraction' will be released on September 29th, and it features a raft of surprises.

The Flaming Lips buddy up with the band on 'Deflect The Light', and it's a wild, weird ride through psychedelic creativity.

"It is always brave of any young artist to ask The Flaming Lips to collaborate with them," Wayne Coyne said. "Usually we (The Flaming Lips) just take over the whole song .. Ha.. But Vessels has magnificently kept us at bay and they've created a swirling hypnotic vibe for our little story to live in!!!"

The video is equally trippy, conjuring an entirely new world laced with plenty of vivid colour.

For tickets to the latest Vessels shows click HERE.

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