Blurring the past with the present...

Music is a wonderful way to form identity.

As teenagers, we tend to draw together different influences to create our own world, and this in turn filters into the work of musicians.

Production pairing TWICEYOUNG dwell on these uncertainties, on these places of personal flux.

New single 'Uneven Kind' is a coming of age tale, matching fluttering electronics against those soothing vocals, bringing to mind everyone from Nick Murphy/Chet Faker to James Blake.

It's a wonderful return, rich, enchanting songwriting with incredible production, the crystal clarity of the sound amplifying the emotional resonance of the song itself.

“'Uneven Kind' is about finding yourself disconnected from the people you're with in that place of time,” explain the duo. “We’ve always written songs about and more specifically about losing time. This songs eludes to it more literally, especially in respect to the isolation it brings.”

The video focusses on this coming of age element, as well as featuring a guest appearance from the Dickens Basement - the room where the legendary Victorian novelist wrote Great Expectations.

TWICEYOUNG explain: “We wanted to tell a story that encompassed an entire life centred around one character looking both into their past from an old age questioning decisions they've made, and as a young person looking to their future with fear of decisions to come. Fear of making the wrong choice freezes them, and that indecision isolates and disconnects them. Coming-of-age as seen from multiple states of being.”

Tune in now.

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