Come fly with me...
Tom Hickox

Tom Hickox comes from a musical background.

A songwriter based in the North East, his late father was one of the country's finest conductors while his mother was a classically trained timpanist. So, y'know... no pressure, then.

Rather than indoctrinate him in classical theory, the family Hickox allowed the young protégée to find his own path. Learning by osmosis, Tom Hickox was able to build up a musical identity steeped in all manner of primary sources.

New video 'The Angel of The North' is a great introduction. Taken from upcoming album 'War, Peace & Diplomacy', the track unravels at its own pace, following its own mysterious, reclusive path. The video itself ia beautifully shot, with the sun winking into the camera across a beautifully desolate rural scene.

'The Angel Of The North' is set to feature on Tom Hickox's forthcoming album 'War Peace and Diplomacy' which is due early next year and plays host to a guest spot from the Mercury Prize nominee Richard Hawley.

If you enjoy the song you can download it for free HERE.


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