Shot in their bed room...
This Many Boyfriends

Pop trivia - This Many Boyfriends share their name with a Beat Happening song.

Well, partly. Calvin Johnson & Co. once recorded 'The This Many Boyfriends Club' a song which would later come to inspire a group of indie obsessed kids in Leeds.

Yet this is far from the only pop reference which has found its way into the band's music. This Many Boyfriends are steeped in pop lore - both cool and enjoyably naff - and regularly thread off kilter references to far flung idols into their songs.

Take new single 'Tina Weymouth'. Named in honour of Talking Heads bass player, the track is littered with pieces of musical trivia while the drums scatter and the guitars joyously fragment - if this doesn't make you jump up and dance around your desk then nothing will...

As a special bonus, ClashMusic have been granted first play of their new video. Shot in true DIY fashion, it features This Many Boyfriends performing in someone's front room - crammed in the corner, it looks like a pretty cool house party, if we're honest.

Watch it now.

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'Tina Weymouth' is set to be released on January 21st.


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