Gloriously shot new video...
These New Puritans

Each new step from These New Puritans feels weighted, measured.

The band took their time over new album 'Field Of Reeds', seemingly conscious of their own desire to move forward. Fusing the avant classical tones of previous album 'Hidden' with some lush electronics, the album was an overwhelming artistic success which Clash lauded as one of the finest 2013 has yet coughed up. (Full Clash review HERE)

'Organ Eternal' stands as one of the true centre points of the work: opening with a circling, Steve Reich style pattern which could easily stretch on forever, the track evolves and shifts through several distinct phases without losing sight of its essential unity.

The video for the track has now emerged online, and - typically - it's a striking piece of work. Aerial shots of the band performing are interspersed with footage of the countryside, and a woman running far off into the horizon.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Field Of Reeds' is out now. Check out a full interview with These New Puritans HERE.


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