Shot by Daniel Askill...
These New Puritans

These New Puritans have thrown themselves open to new influences, new directions.

Initially an angular, left field indie rock group, 2010's 'Hidden' was an ambitious, flamboyant return. Incorporating orchestral elements, These New Puritans swapped their guitars for bassoons.

New album 'Field Of Reeds' takes these ambitions one step further. Out now, it's a beautiful, lavishly ornate record which Clash reviewer Sam Walker-Smart describes as "hard drones, frantic beats and airy strings and horns..."

Taken from the full length, 'Fragment Two' is an odd, beguiling beast. Opening with a repeated piano pattern, the track seems to shift and evolve on its own terms, with the occasional maudlin moment matched by a delight in design.

Shot at night, the clip for 'Fragment Two' was steered by Daniel Askill. Every bit as fascinating as the track itself, you can watch it now.

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'Field Of Reeds' is out now.

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