C86 group return
The Wolfhounds

C86 was never a movement. Not really.

Not in the sense that, say, punk was a movement, or Acid House was a movement. C86 - famously the name of an NME cassette covering the more shambling, DIY end of the independent scene - is a loose spread, almost impossible to define term.

Yet within a few seconds of listening to The Wolfhounds you realise that you're listening to a message straight from that time period. Returning with their new single, 'Cheer Up' (how apt is that for Blue Monday?) is all sharp angles, taut riffs and barbed vocals.

Out this month, 'Cheer Up' will be available on seven inch vinyl complete with download code. Kept to a limited edition of 300, ClashMusic have been handed the video for the new single.

Featuring beautifully executed line drawn animation, the band are shown rattling their way through the track with an energy that belies their 25 year career. Punchy, passionate songwriting, you can watch the video for 'Cheer Up' now.

- - -

'Cheer Up' is set to be released on January 28th.


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