Shot on location at Thornton Manor...
The Wicked Whispers

Liverpool is a city of lost icons, of cult heroes and unjustly neglected troubadours.

Yet hopefully The Wicked Whispers will overcome this. Now onto their third release, the band are responsible for some of the most perfectly executed, emotionally engaging 60s tinged pop to emerge from these isles since The Coral came riding out of Hoylake on their bicycles.

Before unveiling their debut album, though, The Wicked Whispers have the small matter of their new single 'Voodoo Moon' to get out of the way. Available from April 22nd through Electone, the Doors wash of the keyboard is matched to a cute psych-pop sensibility which wouldn't sound of place in Roy Wood's discography.

But don't go expecting some retro re-tread. Sure, The Wicked Whispers know their influences but they're also cool to know when to assert their own voice - piecing together elements from the past, this crew of cosmic Scousers have their eyes set firmly on the future.

Available first on ClashMusic, the video for 'Voodoo Moon' was shot on location at Thornton Manor in the Wirral. Ever noticed how haunting the area can be? Well, you might look twice after checking out this clip, which tells the story of a wealthy young married couple (played by Tom Powell and Stephanie Wilson) who have their perfect day interrupted by a stranger who eventually reveals to them a shocking truth.

Watch on - if you dare...

- - -

'Voodoo Moon' is set to be released on April 22nd.


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