Live at Toe Rag studios...
The Wave Pictures

It's hot. Damn hot.

This summer could well break records, with Britain basking in ferocious sunshine for days, weeks at a time. Pity the poor musicians in The Wave Pictures, then, who chose to record a double album in this intense heat.

Perhaps it was an inspired choice. The material was largely inspired by a six week trip across the United States last year, in which the group were able to see that other, rarely glimpsed side of America.

"We visited Hank Williams' house and Billy The Kid's grave, watched the Golden Gate bridge disappear into the clouds, and had our frisbee confiscated by a cop" explains vocalist and lyricist Dave Tattersall. "We played some great shows together, and we became good friends, and we drove and we drove and we drove and we drove".

A tale worthy of Kerouac, the lengthy journey saw The Wave Pictures stockpile ideas, inspirations and - ultimately - songs. 'City Forgiveness' will be released on October 21st, with Moshi Moshi once again stepping in to support the much loved indie pop troupe.

Ahead of this, Clash have been sent an exclusive clip. Recorded at Toe Rag studios in London on the hottest day this year, 'The Ropes' is a blues-driven, garage rock influenced track which is filtered through the unique gaze of The Wave Pictures.

Watch it now.

'City Forgiveness' is set to be released on October 21st.

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