Manchester duo continue to gently impress…
The TenFiveSixty

Definite shades of 1980s crossover pop-rock here – y’know, of the Simple Minds variety, albeit shimmered into a sonic stew that also finds space on its ingredients list for teenage soap operas, 1960s girl group melodies, Fleetwood Mac (c’mon, those vocals) and a healthy glug of melancholy liquor.

This is The TenFiveSixty, aka Jen Bailey and Rick Hornby, a Manchester pair that’s seen a modicum of success until now – a record, ‘Do This For Me’, came out on Giant Haystacks/Fierce Panda, and the band were lucky enough to support Suede not so long ago, too – but that sounds, on this form, ready for the next step.

‘Control’ is one of those readymade indie-pop hits that you just know would have been all over an Evening Session compilation back in 1998. In 2014, it doesn’t sound any less sweet – but will the mainstream accept it as it does, well, so much dross? Sure, why not. Plenty of acts have come forth from Manchester over the years to divide and conquer, why not this duo?

Judge for yourself – ‘Control’ can be both seen and heard above. Find the band online here

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