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The Spook School

Indie pop has always been a place where contemporary notions of gender has be discussed, discarded.

Even a casual glance at an indie pop crowd will suggest a casual revolution going on, with masculine / feminine identities breaking down. It's an open environment, one where new ideas are welcomed, encouraged.

So it's natural, then, to find a group such as The Spook School. Completing debut album 'Dress Up' the band use 13 indie pop nuggets to assess the ways in which identities are handed down to us by the watching world.

As the band explain: "We want to liberate the listener by lubricating their ears with noisy pop songs about coming to terms with gender identity and realising how silly the world is. We like to have fun, but we also really care about the things we sing and write music about. I think if anyone was to ever listen to one of our songs and think “hey, I’ve felt like that!” then that would make us very happy indeed."

Out on October 7th, the album is preceded by new video 'I'll Be Honest'. A joyous, colourful, comedic visual rant, you can watch it first on Clash.

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The Spook School's debut album 'Dress Up' is set to be released on October 7th.

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