Starring Flight Of The Concords' Bret McKenzie...
'Give Up Your Dreams'

New Zealand isn't a big place, not really.

Sure, the islands are geographically vast but, at times, it can seem as though everyone knows everyone.

The Phoenix Foundation hatched a novel idea for their new video, and invited Flight Of The Concords star Bret McKenzie to star. A homage to work of Soviet filmmarker Andrei Tarkovsky, 'Give Up Your Dreams' was directed by Loren Taylor.

"I like the ambiguity of watching someone dig a very deep hole," Taylor explains. "Is he burying something (his dreams)? Or is he digging a grave? Or is he digging a tunnel to somewhere? I think there is something compelling about watching him get incrementally more exhausted as he gets deeper and deeper into the earth. "At the point of utter fatigue and despair he (Bret McKenzie) cracks open and falls into the infinite/space/void/a portal to another realm - and wakes reborn where he started, but with a new perspective. It's a long song, and it felt like it needed an action that slowly evolved over the minutes, and digging has a lovely percussive rhythm to cut with - or against."

Check it out now.

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