Behind 'Shaking The Habitual'
The Knife

Puzzling. Confounding. Inspiring.

The Knife's new album has conjured up all manner of adjectives, but sadly very little of them have come from the group themselves. Shunning the media, the Scandinavian duo are seemingly happy to let the music speak for itself.

Last night, though, a new clip emerged online. The Knife agreed to appear in a short video interview, answering questions and opening up about the creative process which lay behind 'Shaking The Habitual'.

We won't bother trying to re-interpret their cryptic musings, so simply watch the clip now or read a statement from The Knife below.


We didn’t plan to make another album
We wanted to do something again but had to find a purpose
Music can be so meaningless
We had to find lust
Started to improvise
to find something less predictable
to let go of what we already knew about music
explore what we didn't
without requiring complete answers
letting go
step in to oblivion
to forget expectations
by entering the work process with an open and inquiring mindset, the record turned in to something completely different than it would have been if the end goal had been a finished album all along
Once you stop caring about rules.”

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