Part of the 'Shaking The Habitual' live show...
The Knife

The Knife has always extended their vision far beyond recorded music.

The band's art work, their videos and - most strikingly of all - their approach to live performance all feed into one, overriding ethos.

Fresh from a series of live shows, The Knife have now posted a new video online displaying part of what will become the 'Shaking The Habitual' experience.

And 'experience' is most definitely the right word. 'Raging Lung' is a sonic stand out on the recent album, a piece of music which is both brutal and intensely beautiful.

The live clip expands on this deranged mesh of emotions. Featuring a montage of footage from The Knife's performance at Stockholm’s Hangaren Subtopia, the visuals centre on the Sorklubben collective who are described as "a temporary and expanding community that grows and jiggles". (via FACT)

Responsible for "a performance based on collective joy, effort and sweat" you can watch 'Raging Lung' now.

- - -

'Raging Lung' will be The Knife's next single - it will be given a full release later this year.


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