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The Jar Family

There is no stronger bond than family.

No matter what you do, or how you do it, family will always stand by you. Which probably explains the chemistry running through The Jar Family.

Hailing from Hartlepool, the group bill their music as ‘Industrial Folk’. It’s easy to see why – there’s a sense of tradition here, allied to a crushing sonic weight. Throw in a little blues influence and you are virtually looking at the full picture.

New single ‘Machine / Footsteps’ is a good stopping off point. Due for release later this month, the double A-side distils everything potent about The Jar Family into one release.

‘Machine’ is driven by a sliding guitar riff, all bravado and aggression there’s an edge here which can’t be denied.

ClashMusic has been gifted the first play of the new video for ‘Machine’ – watch it now.

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'Machine / Footsteps' will be released later this month.


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