As their new single approaches...
The Jar Family

So we meet again...

The Jar Family are old friends of ours. A group of young musicians from Hartlepool, their exploratory take on the folk template was charming enough for Clash to step in and premiere the video fortheir single 'Machine'. (And you can still watch it, if you like.)

Then the web erupted. More than 1,000 (a thousand!) Facebook likes later and here we are, once again discussing their music. To repeat what we said at the time: "There’s a sense of tradition here, allied to a crushing sonic weight. Throw in a little blues influence and you are virtually looking at the full picture."

Now we're able to present the flip. 'Footsteps' is a more reserved, downbeat affair which contains flecks of the same psychedelic spirit that runs through The Coral.

Watch the video first on ClashMusic.

- - -

The Jar Family are set to play the House of Wolf in Islington on 2nd May.


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