London rockers with a taste for the wild side...
The Howling

Whatever happened to our rock 'n' roll?

These days it seems that Britain's addiction to leather jackets and power chords has turned into an allergic reaction. Where once flea-bitten bars resounded to the sound of four young guns with a grudge against the world, these days they're more likely to be turned into a gastro pub for the chattering classes.

The Howling are a welcome blast from the past. Pure, unashamed rock 'n' roll if this band didn't exist then your local constabulary would need to invent them.

Endorsed by none other than Noel Fielding, The Howling have been tearing apart London venues for some time now. Gathering enough pennies to buy a can of diesel, the band are hitching up their van for a (no doubt debauched) tour of the UK.

Ahead of this, The Howling have pieced together a quick teaser. Acting as a sweat dripping, booze guzzling intro for any non-believer, you can watch it now on ClashMusic.

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