The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips don't really make music videos. Not really.

Rather, what the band belch out from the lower reaches of their consciousness are audio / visual blasts, the sort of bile which can still get groups banned in certain parts of the United States.

So don't go thinking that Bon Iver will temper their appetite. Justin Vernon adds his vocals to new cut 'Ashes In The Air' but - if anything - this is one of the most warped, out there, psychedelia things that The Flaming Lips have placed their name against in a decade.

The video follows suit. Following the adventures of an astronaut on a strange yet familiar world, it features plenty of splattered brains and half-nude figures.

Profoundly NSFW, 'Ashes In The Air' ends with a severe dose of baby sacrifice. Don't watch this is you're feeling a little peaky...

- - -

The Flaming Lips new album 'The Terror' is set to be released on April 16th.


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