New band, old faces...
The Bayonets

Bear with us...

Brian Ray is best known as Paul McCartney's tour guitarist, a musician who has performed in front of countless millions across the globe. Recently, though, Ray seems to have developed a hankering for something rather more intimate, something steeped in Garage rock sweat.

Forming The Bayonets, the guitarist has been working with some well known friends. New single 'Sucker For Love' has emerged online, with Little Steve - the E Street Band's Steve Van Zandt - immediately pronouncing it to be "the coolest song in the world".

Affording 'Sucker For Love' continuous plays on his SiriusXM radio show, the guitarist turned actor has given The Bayonets a platform to work from. Now, would you argue with one of The Sopranos? We think not.

'Sucker For Love' itself is all Garage rock thrills, the sound of The Rascals grown older (but not wiser). Given the video treatment, you can check out the single on ClashMusic now.

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'Sucker For Love' is set to be released on March 26th.


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