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Tame Impala

Perth, Australia has re-invented itself as the centre of cosmic vibration.

A small community of musicians are busy impacting the psychedelic template on the modern world, using up to the minute production to achieve brain melting sounds.

Tame Impala are leading the way, with recent album 'Lonerism' perhaps the band's most seductive document yet. Recently completing a European tour, the band then flew out to North America for another batch of dates.

If you missed them, then don't worry - Modular recently shot Tame Impala performing live in their natural habitat. Part of the label's ongoing Modular Studio Sessions, Tame Impala blast through three tracks from 'Lonerism'. Expect unhinged renditions of ‘Elephant’, ‘Apocalypse Dreams’, and ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’ as the band tune in, turn on and get loose.

- - -

New single ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’ will be released on November 19th. Alongside the main cut, Tame Impala are offering fans emixes from Memory Tapes and Madlib, plus a cover of the original by much discussed label-mates Young Dreams.


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