Shoegaze vibes: 11

Fuzzy guitars meets blurry video footage as San Francisco based duo Tamaryn crank their '90's shoegaze vibes up to an 11.

Taken from recently released second album 'Tender New Signs', new single 'The Garden' sees Tamaryn, comprised of a singer of the same name and guitarist Rex John Shelverton (the band should blatantly have been called 'Tamaryn Rex') doff their caps both musically and visually to a whole host of early 90's British bands. Kind of like The Brian Jonestown Massacre did but nearly 20 years later. 

Tamaryn (the singular, not the duo in unison) had this to say on the new album... "In making this record, I hoped to transcend the mundane world, by living in a new one of my own creation. Now it's time to invite everyone else in it with me.”

If you want to toddle off and join her the album is available to buy via Mexican Summer.