Elizabeth Sankey's psychotic fantasies...
Jeremy Warmsley

There's often an unsettling undercurrent to love songs.

That sense of fascination, of lust and obsession often has a dark side - even if the artists in question don't quite realise the forces they've conjured.

Summer Camp play with these notions of love/lust, sanity/psychosis with new track 'Crazy'. Out now, it pits slick 80s style production against an impassioned vocal from Elizabeth Sankey.

For the video, the band decided to have a little fun. Sankey plays a prisoner, while Jeremy Warmsley is her warder. Drifting to sleep in her cell, Elizabeth Sankey dreams of ways to murder Warmsley - often with cinematic references intact.

Both hilariously funny and horrifying - wait for the 'Carrie' shower scene - it's a must-see.

- - -

'Crazy' is out now.

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