Steeped in early 90s aesthetics...

Somehow, the 90s have emerged as some golden period in youth culture.

Both fashion and music are taking cues from the opening years of the decade, with a plethora of new groups emerging who look as if they've stepped out of the Good Mixer circa '93. It's refreshing - any chance, no matter how studied, always is - but more than a little derivative.

SULK have a stronger identity than most. A London based five piece, their music has a nagging nostalgia which underpins the neo-psychedelic riffery and baggy rhythms. Sure, they might be too young to remember the shoegaze wars, but then that's half the point - this isn't so much resurrection but re-invention, taking the best of the past and adding it with their own assured vision of the future.

New single 'Flowers' is a case in point. Buoyed by a contagious riff which nods towards John Squire and (early) Graham Coxon, the half-sighed chorus reeks of those record breaking summers which scorched the early 90s.

Watch it now. 

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'Flowers' is set to be released on April 1st through Perfect Sound Forever.

Director: Kell Mitchell
Photo Credit: Lilly Creightmore


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