Blissful, hazy nostalgia...

It may be a trite statement, but it does contain a grain of truth: Africa really is unlike anywhere else on the planet.

The cradle of humanity, the continent has built up into a dense multiplicity of languages, cultures, mythologies. Little wonder, then, that a short break to Kenya left such a lasting impression on Swedish artist Per Magnusson.

Already lauded for his role in cult outfit The Sonnets, the songwriter found himself ill at ease. Travelling to Africa, the Scandinavian artist was free to explore a quite unique place. “I hung around the streets of Mombasa" he reflected recently. "After seeing so many amazing things and the exhaustion it brings, I spent two weeks on a beach, overlooking the Indian Ocean. That’s when it dawned on me. I wanted to make music that sounded like the scenery in front of me. Dark as the looming clouds in the sky, but with the same glowing edges".

Choosing the name Sportsman, the results stay true to those initial yearnings. Tattered, frayed R&B shot through with blissful nostalgia, Magnusson began laying down material last year with highly regarded Swedish production duo Montauk.

Snapped up by fast rising London based imprint Best Fit, Sportsman is now ready to make an impact on UK audiences. New single 'Rally' is out now as a digital release, with Those Dancing Days' Linnea Jönsson on hand to add a feminine flavour to Per Magnusson's introspection.

ClashMusic have now been handed the video for 'Rally'. It's beautifully shot, with Sportsman taking that early conception - "dark as the looming clouds in the sky, but with the same glowing edges" - and matching it to a Scandinavian landscape. A curious but enticing mixture, the visuals only seem to heighten the gorgeous sensuality of the production.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Rally' is out now.

Director: Victor Holmberg
Photographer: Marcus Hansen
Make Up Artist: Jacqueline Linden


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