Created by Matt Yarrington and Sarah Winters

There's something magical about winter.

Nights draw in to near pitch black, while the odd smattering of snow and ice and transform an ordinary, everyday landscape into something utterly beautiful.

Snowbird seem to draw on the full transcendent power of winter. A partnership between Simon Raymonde (formerly of the Cocteau Twins and currently Bella Union el capitan) and Stephanie Dosen, the duo will release debut album 'moon' on January 27th.

New cut 'Porcelain' has emerged online, and it's a tender, sensual affair. Dosen's voice is at the fore, while the arrangement hinges on a baby grand piano which the pair apparently found on Gumtree.

Matt Yarrington and Sarah Winters have stepped in to craft an animated clip, matching Snowbird's music to some intricately etched visuals.

A fairy tale which demonstrates the transformative power of the winter night, you can watch it now.

- - -

'moon' is set to be released on January 27th.

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