Slow Club (Photo: Laura McCluskey)
Directed by the band's Rebecca Taylor...

Slow Club's journey has been a joy to watch.

The band's ramshackle origins hid a bittersweet songwriting heart, one that has matured and blossomed over subsequent albums.

New full length 'One Day All Of This Won’t Matter Anymore' drops on August 19th, and it's a fascinating, moving, poetic record.

New cut 'In Waves' is online now, and the ambitious, wryly amusing video was directed by Slow Club's own Rebecca Taylor.

Rebecca explains: “I wanted to show social scenes of my life that I ruin by looking at the Internet. I spend every day bombarding myself with information and opinions that aren't always my own. And when I carry them into real life I feel foolish because half the time the words aren't mine. The song is also a display of my mind. The way I am up and down - all go mad mania and then literally nothing- shackled to my bed. I'm learning to get used to it and there's something about this record that is soothing - I'm being open about the unglamorous side of myself. Which I also happen to find funny. So I'm comfortable with how tragi-lol I am and I want to welcome everyone in.”

Check it out now.

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