A rave in their living room...
Sleaford Mods

A few things become apparent when watching the new Sleaford Mods video.

For one, 'Moptop' is wilfully mundance - it's a rave in an ordinary living room, a space that could exist anywhere across the country.

Yet there are also flashes of disobedience, of sticking two fingers up at the norm. There's a tee emblazoned 'Still Hate Thatcher', while Jason Williamson's manic performance explodes the everyday.

The song itself takes aim at Boris Johnson, the politician who courts the everyman in order to take away their benefits.

Jason Williamson explains that 'Moptop' is "based around the disgusting lie that is Boris Johnson, the wannabe Churchill (We don’t need another one). The song also discusses the void that is modern music, internet attention spans, one dimensional acts and the current trend of reformed bands looking to cash in with PR heavy assaults that try to conceal their pointlessness."

Tune in now.

Sleaford Mods' new album 'English Tapas' is out now.

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