An all-star affair...
'Can't Get Enough Of Myself'

When Santigold hits, she hits hard. New album '99¢' is out now, and it's a fantastic return, one packed with energy, laced with fresh ideas.

'Can't Get Enough Of Myself' is one of the highlights, and it's now received the full visual treatment. It's fair to say the clip is an all-star affair.

Guests in order of appearance: Alexander Wang (phone), Elijah DeVries (T-Shirt), Yung Jake (coffee), Jay Z (posters), Yohanna Zecarias (dollar bill), baby (sunglasses), Jack Rooke (rearview mirror), Olivia Wilde (billboard), Quil Lemons (water), Pharrell Williams (jumbotron), Inaya Clark (toast), Santigold (newspaper), Andy Samberg (photo booth), Naim White (whiskey).

Watch it now.

'99¢' is out now.

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