Check it out now, alongside a full poem...

London's S4U party in order to make music.

Two club kids who DJ on the sly, they take the vibe of the club into the studio, before deconstructing those sounds, focussing on the personal.

Early releases were fascinating, the sound of two polar opposites bringing out the best in one another; Prinz George, the fastidious sound guru, and Rosita Bonita the flamboyant, extrovert singer.

New mixtape 'Heart 2 Say' drops tomorrow (July 6th) on Different Recordings, a blistering fusion of R&B, hip-hop, techno, bashment, and other illicit flavours.

Lead single 'Heart' is a serious jam, a piece of avant R&B that stretches that term until it breaks. Rosita explains:

"Curved, Parallel conscious, sub conscious,the synergy of heart and mind generates wise choices that benefit all. In other words as you appreciate that which is appreciating you. It is a wonderful thing to hold someone as your object of attention while you feel that G force Roses in Britain..."

We're able to share the full visuals for 'Heart', alongside a full poem. It comes with expert timing, too; S4U are set to play a full launch for their mixtape at London's Ghost Notes venue tonight (July 5th).

Watch the video now...

In a myriad of parallel paths we pass.
Passed a chance, whilst we past paths from our past.
I slept silently on your mind whilst your eyes were open.
Crossing dual loves is monogamy a thing. I love to challenge challenge. But will you regret not choosing to fly at this height.. Or my next.
Eyes wandering whilst we walk tunnel visions of you on escalators an pavements.
I long to lead a loving life but does life lead me to long to love you or will lust surmount on my bemusing black book.
I kissed you with my eyes wide open.
You pushed me tumbling down the harrowing cracks of the tiles underground.
To which my bloodied heart sang a final note, up To you my darling dear.
What is she but a trophied white rose?

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