Channelling the King...
'Elvis Presley' still

Elvis Presley may have been the King Of Rock 'N' Roll, but the iconic performer has always had an odd reputation in hip hop circles.

Public Enemy slated the King on 'Fight The Power', while Presley tends to be the subject of pastiche more than reverence.

WIth 'Elvis Presley Blvd.' though, Rick Ross gleefully toys with the King's legacy. Matching drug references against lurid accounts of Presley's life, it's a larger than life return from the rapper.

Opening with a pounding beat, the production fuses blasting horns with some edgy percussion. Rick Ross rhymes: "I'm riding down Elvis Presley Blvd. / Got your dog, food is soft / N***a in the heart / You can tell them crackers that they can go and get the dogs..."

Watch the video now.

Rick Ross will release his new album 'Hood Billionaire' this Autumn.

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