Phil Whitton steers the animated visuals...

Herts risers Redwood match math-tinged obsessions with some really summery songwriting.

Unafraid to let their pop leanings come to the fore, the band's incoming EP 'Lay Your Love Down' finds the perfect balance between the cerebral and the immediate.

It's an infectious mixture, with lead single 'In Your Arms' gaining a play on Radio 1's always-vital Rock Show at the weekend.

Concise, precise indie rock with those angular math-influenced guitar lines, its buoyant energy is matched by a cool animated clip.

Cambridge based artist Phil Whitton steers the animated visuals, the colour-soaked clip matching Redwood's music.

“We were beyond excited to work with Phil Whitton on the video,” said front man Alex Birchall of the partnership. “I gave him a small brief of key elements I wanted and he took the rest from there. He really delivered with this video that we couldn’t be more pleased with.”

“Musically, ‘In Your Arms’ was an exploration into the depths of our sound as a band,” Birchall continues, “We’ve all been listening to a variety of different music in the last year and in turn our tastes have matured and developed. We wanted to be able to demonstrate this growth in five different and distinct ways with the tracks on this EP.

“Lyrically the song leads to ideas of not fully being present; not being able to be the ‘you’ that you know you can be. Writing it was almost like I was having a conversation with my own brain and ignoring the things I should have been looking at.”

Tune in now.

Catch Redwood at the following shows:

4 Leeds Santiago’s
6 London Moth Club
7 Bristol Exchange

Photo Credit: Hannah Clayden

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