Missouri brothers kick out some serious jams...

At a certain point the Radkey brothers realised that their dad had a pretty kick-ass record collection.

Punk. Soul. Rock 'n' roll. Those racks were an inspiration to the young musicians, who took those influences and ripped them into fresh shapes.

From these teenage jam sessions emerged the mighty force known as Radkey. Hailing from St. Joseph, Missouri the power trio splice together righteous riffs and impeccable songwriting, with a dose of the personal on the side.

New single 'Not Smart' rages with unbridled fury, somewhere between Ramones bubblegum and Nirvana bite. Isaiah from the band tells us...

'Not Smart' is a pretty personal song for us. It’s about what it’s like to give up everything to chase your dreams for so long that you don’t even realize that you’re not a kid anymore. Even though you don’t feel any different than you did when you first started the band. 

It’s about waking up and accepting that you’re starting to feel the pain. That you’re not invincible...

Tune in below.

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