"Loneliness and the temptations that can come with it..."

Wiley From Atlanta is aptly named.

The songwriter is based in the Southern city, home to all manner of creative collectives, breaking down boundaries and re-defining possibility.

This atmosphere seeps down into his own work, with each track seem to occupy a singular space, stamping out a vivid identity.

New song 'Blood Orange' is a murky, atmospheric return, with Wiley From Atlanta's voice beaming through the opaque production. He explains:

"'Blood Orange' is a song about relationships. It's about loving someone even after they've already left you. I think it is also about trying to let someone go, and not really knowing how to. I wanted to write a song about the doubts that accompany relationships, I wrote the hook: 'How you so bitter / but you so sweet...?' Because it crossed my mind, and I instantly knew I wanted to call the song 'Blood Orange'."

Clash is able to share the full video, a haunting clip that analyses loneliness, while presenting something beautiful. He continues:

"The video is really meant to convey loneliness and the temptations that can come with it, as well as the familiar feeling of isolation when you aren't happy with yourself."

"While working on the video we talked a lot about different elements of the 'epic' journey in literature, and tried to weave those themes into the video as well. This video is just one part of the epic journey, along the way there are definitely themes of love, but also themes of loss."

Tune in now.

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