From new album 'INTO'
Vinyl Williams

It's a very easy statement to make, but Vinyl Williams' music really does have a visual quality.

It's easy, because the innovative musician's grandfather is renowned composer John Williams. However Vinyl's work shouldn't be overshadowed by any familial connection - he's done more than enough to stamp out his own identity.

New album 'INTO' arrives on July 24th via Company Records, and it's a fragrant, spectral affair. All sighing harmonies, shoegaze textures and glistening electronics, it's a wonderfully enveloping world of its own.

Clash is able to premiere new video 'World Soul'. A sumptuous track, the accompanying visuals are a feast for the eyes - flickering colour, hypnotic shapes and more.

'INTO' arrives on Julty 24th. Vinyl Williams has launched a visual portal as a counterpart to the music - check it out HERE.

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