Grammy award-winning producer returns...
'I'll Stand'

V PAGES is the latest venture from Dom Morley, a hugely experienced musician with a Grammy award in his cabinet.

A deliberate effort to steer in a new direction, it finds the songwriter dealing with fresh sounds and new collaborators: “With V Pages I started out trying to make something that sounded like what I thought might happen if Chvrches suddenly discovered The Pixies and The Verve. Obviously other influences came in along the way, including Alessandro Cortini, M83, and of course the people I've worked with on this project (including Field Stars, Solomon Grey, Saint Saviour).”

New cut 'I'll Stand' is the perfect example of this. The billowing, pop-centric electronics collide with Field Stars, Colin MacIntyre from Mull Historical Society's upcoming alt.pop project.

It's a curious blend, one that is immediately potent but also laced with subtlety. Tune in now.

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