Nashville-based garage rockers...
Turbo Fruits

The South is a geographically vast area.

Simply enormous, the South can move from arid desert to windswept snowstorms in the space of a flight.

Which is something Turbo Fruits experienced on the shoot of their new video. Director Nick Kraus flew in to Nashville to take charge of the shoot, but found intense snowfall on his arrival.

Let's allow him to tell the story...

"We had some much appreciated helping hands along the way, but the bulk of the production process - on a technically complicated and labour-intensive project - fell on Jonas's and my shoulders. And to be perfectly honest, I wasn't sure whether just the two of us could pull it off. Due to the nature of the Pixelstick, which allows you to essentially take light painting to the next level, you have to shoot at night or indoors without lights."

"A couple of days before my flight to Nashville, I remember reading the news headline, 'Tennessee Declares State Of Emergency As Road Conditions Deteriorate'. As it turned out, our shoot dates fell on some of the worst weather Nashville had seen in recent memory: blizzards, freezing rain, iced over roads, and temperatures dropping to -14 with wind chill. It couldn't have been worse conditions to shoot in. The moment your skin became exposed to the air it stung with pain. We had to wear three pairs of pants and ski goggles. I know we looked pretty ridiculous. But then again, we were the only ones crazy enough to be outside in Nashville every night that week from 6pm to 3am. And despite this, we somehow managed to pull it off and I'm thrilled at the outcome."

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