Dramatic imagery crafted using 'pixel sorting'

A producer based in Pittsburgh, Troxum’s music is already imbued with an enormously ornate sense of colour.

Fusing 90s SNES soundtracks to lavish hip hop influences and an electronic sweep, the producer draws upon a hugely wide palette.

New cut ‘Lucky Sun’ is a wild, maximalist feast of engineering, almost psychedelic in its effortless fusion of ideas. Crafting an accompanying video, the visuals were filtered through a process known as ‘pixel sorting’.

To most people, a collection of pixels formulates as an image. Yet to a machine, the same process results in chaos. Pixel sorting aims to make sense of this, to fuse our method of seeing with something a little more technologically sound.

Glitch artist Dmitriy Krotevich assisted in the process. An unforgettable sight, you can tune in below or download the track underneath:

Photo: Gregory Neiser

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