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Thomas Dybdahl

Norway boasts one of Europe's most fertile music scenes.

It can sometime seem that every musician in the country knows one another, with a myriad of collaborations, joint projects and more helping to unite quite disparate talents.

A cult talent in his native Norway, Thomas Dybdahl is now beginning to break through elsewhere. With the gravitas of, say, Nick Cave and the sweeping emotions of Jeff Buckley it's easy to see how the songwriter's work would gain a universal quality.

New album 'What's Left Is Forever' is set to be released on September 14th, with new single 'Man On A Wire' acting as a quick teaser. Mmixed by Tchad Blake and Dan Grech, 'Man On A Wire' is a perfectly executed pop song - three minutes of gradual inclines, stunning highs and carefully wrought emotion.

Thomas Dyddahl explains: "when I hear something like Josh Rouse’s Nashville which has so many great pop songs on it, and I realise that it’s all in the execution."

Clash has first play of the new video - watch it below.


'What's Left Is Forever' will be released on September 14th - 'Man On A Wire' follows with a release date of September 30th.

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