From new album 'A Season In Hull'
The Wave Pictures

The Wave Pictures like to move quickly.

The band recently took control of a studio in Hull, deciding to lay down an album in just one day.

Achieving their goal, the results are gathered on crisp new LP 'A Season In Hull'. Out on February 12th, Clash is able to tease the release with a brand new track from the much-loved collective.

'Slick Black River From The Rain' is a poetic, self-effacing piece of ramshackle pop music that seems to revolve around just one special chord...

Dave Tattersall says this about the song:

"I am crazy about E Minor, specifically on the guitar. There are 3 main ways that you can play it on an electric guitar: open; barred on the 7th fret; or barred on the 12th fret. (On an acoustic guitar you usually just have the first two options). The 7th fret version is just the right colour for me. I write more songs in this key, and in this position, than in all the other keys put together. The reason is that it is my favourite! The 7th fret, guitar version of the E Minor chord has such a strong, evocative, pull to it. But if you play E Minor on a piano, it's nothing special at all, just another minor chord. All the chords are equal on a piano, but a guitar contains magic chords. On a guitar some chord positions are much better than others. These are magic chords!"

Simon Harris directed the video - dive in below.

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