Carefully sculpted Americana...
The Tarantula Waltz

There is a part of Scandinavia which will remain forever indebted to the United States.

Perhaps it's the American domination of pop culture, or even the lingering influence of Scandinavian culture on our Stateside cousins - whatever it is, it certainly results in some fascinating music.

The Tarantula Waltz is a Stockholm based songwriter, adept at re-tooling Americana sounds to sculpt his own vision. Comparison points would include (inevitably) The Tallest Man On Earth, but really the rising artist is fuelled by his surroundings.

New cut 'Scandinavian Minds' was penned during the long Swedish winter, and finds The Tarantula Waltz probing the way citizens react to these circumstances.

"It’s dark eight months every year" he explains, "it can be deeply depressing but most of us deal with it - we’re used to it."

Shot by Per Kristiansen, the video for 'Scandinavian Minds' is dominated by lingering sunsets and dramatic landscapes.

Watch it now.

- - -

The Tarantula Waltz will release new album 'Tinder Stick Neck' on April 23rd.

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