A unique and inventive piece...
The Plan

The Plan is to have no plan.

Geddit? A band with a wide open vision, the group - who boast members of Wetdog, Vic Goddard's Subway Sect, and more - fuse post-punk with folk, no wave with psych.

It's a heady brew, and one we haven't really tasted before. Effortlessly inventive, new album 'Nervous Energy' arrives on October 13th and it will be accompanied by some live shows.

New song 'Pier Party Nerves' leads the way, with the Southend-on-Sea group asking more questions than they have answers for.

The Plan's Rebecca Gillieron says of the song: "'Pier Party Nerves' is about taking leaps of faith into the unknown, but on the flip side, becoming blasé about disillusionment to the point of this being a kind of optimism, a positive thing."

"Most of our songs are pretty flexible in terms of interpretation, and Amy (who plays bass and sings in The Plan) shot this footage on impulse, as a natural response to the song. She says it was inspired by David Lynch and as we are all obsessing over him at the moment that's definitely a plus point. It's the first music video she's made but works really well we think, because of the subtly menacing air, and because the viewer is presented with something totally familiar in an unfamiliar way."

Tune in now.

Catch The Plan at the following shows:

18 Southend-on-Sea The Railway w/ Euros Childs

16 Southend-on-Sea Chinnerys

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