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An uncompromising Danish phenomenon, The Malpractice remain heroically devoted to their art.

New album 'MASS' is out now, released on fine Scandinavian imprint Crunchy Frog. The band's second LP, it found The Malpractice heading into darker territory, retaining the garage rock thrills of their debut but adding a noir sensibility.

Comparisons to Mudhoney were made - not least by Clash - while subsequent live shows demonstrated a true ferocity.

Accompanying 'MASS' the band have worked on a short film. Utilising three tracks from the album, it's a seismic, hugely ambitious project.

Director Matthew James Thompson steered the project, explaining:

"The concept for the film really is centered around our main character, we’ve been calling him HENRY, but there aren’t any names spoken in the piece. While speaking with the band we kept talking about bending the rules of a traditional music video, breaking out of the format of adhering exactly to the song length/structure. I thought about “Thriller” in which the music video is a very different experience than the actual song. I love that stuff, I love telling stories so I was pumped to set out to make a little movie."

"It’s been a really long and cold winter here in NYC, and I think I was particularly inspired by the feeling of isolation that comes in the winter - even in a place as crowded as NYC. While listening to the album there were so many opportunities to build off of the music. It has a great range of emotions and I could see how different pieces of songs could fit together to construct a narrative. I basically just listened to it on repeat and started writing."

"I ended up with a script that was about 15 pages long. Then I distilled it down to what the core story was and tried to tell as much of it with no dialogue as possible.Then sent along a treatment with excerpts of the script to the band and we went from there! It was really great - The Malpractice had some awesome ideas which helped refine the creative and made it stronger in the end. We bounced it back a couple of times and then jumped right in."

Watch it now.

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'MASS' is out now.

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