Wholly immersive Leeds based duo...
The Horn The Hunt

Coming of age in a Leeds scene dominated by DIY ethics, Clare Carter and Joe Osborne decided to take things into their own hands. Hitting the road, the pair spent three years travelling around Europe before ending up a few miles into the Arctic circle.

Based on Greenland, the pair spent the long, dark days as exhibiting artists – however when they emerged, they found that the dense, heavy winter had inspired them to make music.

“We didn’t start the band until a few years later but that was our first song” Carter explains. “We used recordings of the sea, a bass line and then vocals. We were living in an old cooperage, a little wooden hut, basically. We had like an exhibition at the end in the museum there.”

Returning to Leeds, the two would-be musicians decided to focus their efforts. The Horn The Hunt was born, and – in keeping with their background – it’s an amorphous, audio-visual extravaganza. “At the end of the day it is always about the music; the music comes first but we get so many ideas from the music, of how you could articulate it. Things seem to swoop in – performances, music videos. It seems to grow arms from the music.”

Completing work on new track ‘Black Fire’ the pair took off to the Yorkshire dales to film a video for the song. Locating a cave in a remote region, The Horn The Hunt filmed the clip in the most DIY, imaginative fashion possible. “Like everything with The Horn The Hunt it’s just learning on the job. When you have an idea you just try do it yourself.”

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'Black Fire' is out now.

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