Deeply affecting short film...
The Hidden Cameras

Adolescence is a difficult, uncomfortable period for everyone on the planet.

It's a time of transition, when the absolutes of childhood fall away and are left with great, yawning gaps waiting to be filled. It's a period of enormous pressure: pressure from family, from academia, from peers.

The Hidden Cameras are clearly intensely aware of the fraught contradictions which run through adolescence. Already a standout moment in their live set, 'Gay Goth Scene' focusses on the trials, on the perils of uncovering your own identity at a time when others are determined to stamp it out.

Recorded as part of sessions for their next studio album 'Age', it's sweeping, stirring, hugely affecting songwriting was given the visual treatment earlier this year. Transformed into an ambitious short film by Kai Stänicke, the clip was shot in Berlin last winter as temperatures plummeted and snow fell.

Given a cinematic premiere earlier this year, the film has already won 'Best Short Film by Adults about/for Youth' at Auburn International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults in Sydney.

Clash is proud to be able to bring the film to our readers. A beautifully shot yet hugely emotional clip, it follows a young teen as he is bullied at school and decides that he simply can't take it anymore.

Watch it now.

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The Hidden Cameras new album 'Age' is set to be released later this year.

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