From new album 'Home On Native Land'...
The Hidden Cameras (Credit: Alp Klanten)

After years of wandering The Hidden Cameras seem to have come home.

New album 'Home On Native Land' finds Joel Gibb's "gay church folk" choir achieving rejuvenation in his native Canada, exploring familiar landscapes, and familiar communities.

Out now, the slightly bittersweet nature of the songwriting allows Joel Gibb to explore perhaps his broadest array of emotions to date.

Taking the band back out on the road, The Hidden Cameras have announced plans for their most advanced European tour in some time.

Hitting the UK later this month, the band are also able to premiere the visuals for album highlight 'Feeling 'Bout You'.

Joel Gibb explains: "'Feeling 'Bout You' was the last song to finish and record for this record. I actually re-wrote it a bunch of times. It's about that feeling of doom that comes with the feeling of love or admiration. How a turn of phrase or a moment can change someone's feeling about another "like the flip of a switch."

"The video was shot very quickly, while I was shooting the album cover. Two reels of super 8, not a lot for editor GB Jones to work with. She did a fantastic job. The video turns the meaning of the song to the self, as I am actually shooting myself with the camera at times, and seeing myself suddenly in a mirror as I wander the wilderness; a critical eye, an understanding eye. The good and bad together. The video is also shot by others which gives it the feeling that I am not alone. I forgot how much I love super 8 and it fits the mood of the song. A soft-rock ballad for 70s AM country radio."

Tune in now.

Catch The Hidden Cameras at the following show:

19 Perth Concert Hall
20 Aberdeen His Majesty’s Theatre
29 London The Lexington

Photo Credit: Alp Klanten

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